Mary Poppins vuela sobre el escenario con su paraguas. Un foco proyecta su sombra en la pared.


From the wings of dreams to the stage: special flight effects that bring stories to life.

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Both on the set and on the green screen, the great capacity for adaptation and improvisation of our flight directors is an advantage. They are able to interpret the needs and requirements of directors, choreographers and special effects teams.


Sergio and Sergei


Jump with Infojobs

Superstudio TV3.

TV3 music video

Girona's Cathedral

Oppo's commercial


Huawei's commercial

Manresa-Bages airfield.

Sen Senra's music video


Carnival Cruises


Darty commercial

We create flight scenes based on the ideas that our clients communicate to us and that we translate into unique flight actions. We collaborate by setting up effects that defy expectations without altering the essence of theatre, opera or dance.


Peter Pan


Mary Poppins The Musical






Life is a dream


Chicha Montenegro Gallery


Life & Death of Marina Abramovich


Angels in America

We set up extraordinary flight effects on large structures that transmit the impact that special and large format events require, creating impressive actions that everyone remembers at opening or closing ceremonies, commemorations, fairs, meetings and other types of celebrations.

Arenys de Mar

The Plague


Consueta de Sant Jordi

Sant Antoni de Calonge, Badalona

Flying Sardana


Arcticus, Peter Pan on Ice


Alumbra Navidad en Sevilla


Nil Moliner's concert

Partners & Friends

Accialt has a long tradition of close collaboration with the best companies in the field of special effects and flight. This allows us to safely bring our client’s ideas into reality, no matter how impossible they may seem.

Let's talk about your project

We are open to work on all kinds of creative projects regardless of their size and ambition. With our more than twenty years of experience in the field of scenic flights we can make any dream come true.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have qualifications to make people perform flight scenes safely?

Currently there is a specific regulation on prevention related to technical elements necessary for use in air shows. This regulation is included in BOE no. 15 (Section III, page 2801) published on January 16, 2016, under the name: "UNE 311001 Entertainment industry, rigging, manual flight systems for artists, general requirements." We are speakers and members of the 311 committee on the entertainment industry and we always work under these parameters. In addition, we take into account various regulations from European Community countries that have recommendations in the field of scenic flight safety and of which we have verified their compatibility with state regulations. At Accialt we have trained in the US with Hall Associates Flying Effects, we attend NAAFED retraining annually, expanding our training each year, as well as we collaborate with AERISC France and we are trained at the highest level by IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association).

Do you provide any insurance?

Yes. We have public liability insurance and provide a copy of our certificate to all clients who request it.

Our theatre does not have much height, can you fly our performers?

Yes. We have experience in flight effects in theatres and other types of spaces with low ceilings. Our systems are specially designed to be mounted in low-height spaces. As long as there is a structure where the systems can be anchored, a flight show can be held.

Our show is set to be performed outdoors, can you fly our performers?

Yes. We can install both rigid guide systems and cable systems. Each location requires special considerations to take into account, so contacting us with enough time is the most important thing. We can always find a way to achieve what you imagine.

Can children be flight performers?

Yes. We have made flight effects with children as young as three years old.

What weight should people who are going to fly have?

We have achieved flights with performers weighting more than 150 kg. You should consider that the weight and measurements of the people making the flight directly influence the system that needs to be installed and the choreography. Typically, the usual weight in flight performers is around 60 kg or less.

Are the harnesses uncomfortable?

We stock a wide range of harnesses designed and built by flight engineers who have been supplying harnesses for film, television and theatre for over 30 years. Our partners make these harnesses the most comfortable on the market, and are able to adjust the pressure points in the right places to best adapt to the needs of flight artists. The primary objective is the safety and comfort of the specialists and artists who trust us to be able to express themselves naturally.

Are cables visible?

We use cables of varying thicknesses depending on the weight that has to be flown. Extremely thin cables are what we use to make levitations for magicians and illusionists. There are key factors to consider when it comes to making the cables more or less visible: the background of the stage and the lighting. Being able to work together with the set designer and the lighting allows the cables to be inconspicuous.