El equipo de Accialt posa en el backstage en una foto antigua en blanco y negro

Accialt is a pioneering company in Spain in scenic flights with more than twenty years of experience. Our main mission is to bring to reality our clients’ flight actions and effects, always prioritising safety above all. Our commitment to each project is total and equal for all types of projects regardless of whether the work is for a professional or amateur company, or the size of the production.

Innovation, creativity and originality are part of our DNA. We are passionate about theatrical techniques that have been developed over time and that have allowed us to create scenes that last throughout history.

Safety, innovation and professionalism: our values are based on respect for the diversity of people, whether of thought, gender, sex or religion. We have worked all over the world sharing our way of doing things and understanding life with respect and always learning from other cultures.

A very important factor for the success of our work is the comfort and tranquility of the interpreter. For us it is essential that there is communication that generates trust and security.

About Accialt

Accialt is a family business that has been reinventing its work over time but always in relation to vertical work, safety at heights and rigging for shows. Àngel and Josep Maria Pruna are passionate about their work: making the levitation of people possible and creating illusions that last over time. In 1999 they founded the company Accialt BCN SL. and they began to sail towards their dream. Since then, continuous training in the field of flight effects and safety has always been a priority for them: both have been trained and qualified in rigging and safety at altitude at IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) in the United Kingdom, and they collaborate with the AERISC (Association Européene pour la Recherche, l'Innovation et la Sécurité du Cirque).

Since 2008, their interest in what they see on the other side of the Atlantic takes them to the US and with the help of the VERTIGO company in Chicago, they learned to work with their innovative systems. Currently they maintain close professional collaboration and ongoing training. It is also at that moment that Accialt becomes the only company in Spain specialised exclusively in scenic flights for people.

El equipo técnico de Accialt ultima el set up de una acción de vuelo